To develop competent Mechanical engineering graduates for successful career

        in industry, higher studies and research work


        1. Imparting quality education using  modern teaching--learning methodology.
        2. Encouraging life--long learning , research and innovation.
        3. Inculcating professional ethics and social values in the students for the  well-being of the society

PEO 1 . Imparting  mechanical engineering graduates with the knowledge of Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology.
PEO 2.  Able  to identify,analyze and solve the engineering problems using modern tools which benefits the society and the industries.
PEO 3.  Imparting soft skills, professional attitude and ethical values along with leadership qualities.
PEO 4. To learn and adapt new technologies and skills  to became life-- long learner.

 Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

 Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1.  Able to understand the concepts and applications in the field of Manufacturing, Design and Thermal  Engineering.

PSO2. Able   to comprehend the technological advancements in the usage of modern design tools and quality management   tools to 

            analyze and design systems/processes for a variety of  applications.

PSO3.  Able to produce, analyses and use of Bio-fuels to create awareness in the society